Saturday, April 29, 2017

3 Safe and Healthy Alternatives to Rawhide Chew Toys for Dogs

I think we've all been guilty of bringing rawhide home for our pups in order to provide him or her with hours of entertainment but later realized that we should've paid attention to the warning label on the package which states that dogs must be supervised  while chewing this dangerous toy! Why must dogs be monitored, you ask? Because as soon as rawhide gets wet it can get lodged in your dog’s digestive tract causing choking, digestive distress, and life-threatening intestinal blockage!

Another reason why rawhide is dangerous is because they are made with deadly poisons  such as arsenic and formaldehyde which is toxic for your dog! Additionally, tests have shown that rawhide manufactured in Asian countries often contain skins of other dogs instead of just the skins of cows which can be harmful (and unethical) for your dog to consume.
I want you to know that there are plenty of safe, delicious, healthy, and budget-friendly alternatives for your dog but to save you hours of research I've picked out these three to start out with: 

Kong Classic toys are made from a tough puncture proof rubber and can bounce in unpredictable directions making it a very enjoyable toy for your dog. The hollow inside can be filled with peanut butter, pumpkin, cooked meat, or a combination of ingredients as shown above is sure to keep your dog entertained and distracted while you head off to work or play!

Smartbones Butcher's Cut are the leading alternative to rawhide because it is digestible, made of natural ingredients including chicken, and delicious!

Earth Animal No Hide Chicken Chews offer hours of entertainment! The all-natural ingredients combined with the fact that this product is made in the United States should ease every dog owner's mind! 

As I mentioned, there are many other alternative chews on the market along with many you can make on your own (including these clever, economical, and delicious dehydrator treats) but the ones I featured are my personal go-to rawhide alternatives! I hope this post inspires you to avoid the rawhide aisle at your local pet store in order to keep your dog healthy and safe!  


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