Monday, January 27, 2014

The Case of The Missing Cat

When I arrived at Pierce and Rondo's house on Friday night Pierce was the first to greet me which is normal because he is the most outgoing but it was unusual that Rondo didn't make an appearance soon afterward especially when I opened a can of Friskies. By that point I was curious of his whereabouts and began to repeatedly call his name. Finally, I heard desperate meows.

And the meows were unusually coming from behind a closed bathroom door! I couldn't believe it because the door was checked before I left and it was wide open. So there he was admiring himself in the mirror instead of racing out of his hideaway. 

I then realized that he wouldn't make eye contact because he was trying to figure out if he should "tell" me that he 

knocked a towel down and 

he had been blocking my view of the soap dispenser that "mysteriously" landed on its side and

after laughing at his stealthy moves I put a weight (get it?) against the door so this wouldn't happen again!  

How do you think Rondo closed the bathroom door? I'm still baffled so I hope you can help me unlock (get it?) the mystery!


  1. Quite possibly when he knocked some things over, he freaked himself out so badly that he knocked himself against the door and it closed. Now can you please explain to me how... a small 5 lb Maltese gets himself stuck in a bath tub when he cannot even climb in it without help? And he wouldn't dare come near a bath tub to save his life.... yet, coming home from work several days in a row he wasn't there to greet me and after a few frantic searches I'd find him in the bathtub, trying to scrabble himself out, his tail sheepishly wagging in desperation and in greeting? I cannot figure that one out. Just cannot.

  2. Awwww my Gumtree likes to reach for the door knob (to investigate it!) even when the door is ajar so he always shuts the door without meaning too! Maybe this sweet boy's curiousity got the better of him! Awwww! Take care

  3. Cats are in touch with dimensions beyond our ability to understand.


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