Friday, May 17, 2013

Daisy, the Resident Ball Girl

If you've been keeping up with the many, many highlights of Daisy's walks in our little city of Dover, New Hampshire, you'll know that she is one of the most entertained and well-known dogs in her neighborhood. Besides getting treats from the bank, the gas station, the hardware store, and the barber shop, she recently became a ball retriever for the elementary students at St. Mary Academy and she takes this job very seriously.

As soon as her paws reach the ball she impatiently waits for me to pick it up so we can run across the street

and then watch me throw it over the fence while the children happily call Daisy's name. When she completes her job she is so reluctant to leave the children that I have to nudge her along while promising we will stop by tomorrow. Trust me, walking with Daisy isn't just a walk; it's an adventure!


  1. Isn't that wonderful!!! I am surprised she isn't a little afraid of the street tho.
    Good girl Daisy!!!

  2. Good job Daisy. Do you keep the balls? We would
    Benny & Lily

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