Friday, March 2, 2012

What Do Cat Sitters Do At Every Visit, Anyway?

Of all of the questions I am asked about what life is like as a professional pet sitter the one question that continually pops up is, "What do you do when you visit cats, anyway? It must be the easiest job ever!"

Well, yes, it is pretty easy to visit cats but some forget that cats are just as social as dogs are (if not more) and expect to get their needs met at each cat sitting visit. For example, Xlavia, my current 7 month old client, needs plenty of exercise so her purple feather toy keeps her moving for awhile until 

she decides she needs a peaceful form of exercise, yoga, and promptly starts her session in her favorite pose, the cobra. I daresay, she has that form down pat (pun intended), doesn't she?

And speaking of having forms down pat, Xlavia entertains herself by making sure I use the correct form as I change the litter box. Of all of the cat sitting tasks I perform, changing the litter box is not one of  my favorites but no matter how unpleasant it is, it needs to be done at each visit.

Of course, Xlavia and her 19 year old sister, Wiggy, needs to have their food and water bowls refreshed daily. Often pets are less enthusiastic about eating and drinking when their owners are away from them so it always warms my heart to see my clients eat when I'm nearby. 

And it always warms my heart when cats old cats like Wiggy stand on tiny arthritic paws to beg for more treats, more pets, and more kitty talk. 

But when cat clients refuse to let me leave by sitting on my gloves and cat sitting forms my heart is broken but I take comfort that I have fulfilled their needs for one day until I visit them again.


  1. Awww such two very different and equally beautiful kitties!! Xlavia is gorgeous and young and vibrant and adorable Wiggy is to be worshiped! Goodness what a Grande Dame! Awww - they totally love you!! Yay! Hope you get to visit them soon! Take care

  2. Hi Everybuddy, great photos of the two kitties. We have a sissy kitty who is 12 years old and we love to play chasey with her hehehe. Sometimes she gets cross and gives us a pat. Mum says we deserve it! What a fab occupation to pet sit. You must have heaps of furry friends that love to see you. Thanks for visiting us. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. Hows da heck does you pronounce dat name?
    Wiggy is likes a royal kitteh, her is purties...they both is but Wiggy looks likes a wise one.


  4. Wiggy is so wise that when her little sister gets too frisky she swats her! Xlavia is pronounced "ex-lah-vee-ah"! I couldn't pronounce her name either. She was named by her very hip and trendy teenage owner!

  5. Hmmm...Da Momma had to cat sit once. Every time her went over to check on da cats, dey were always hiding. So her couldn't find one to sit on! :o(

  6. We like that you do so much with the kitties you pet sit! We know OUR cats would love that (and luckily, our cat sitter know it). :)

  7. Tom was pet sitting his sister's animals a couple weeks ago while she was in the hospital. Her cats, except for one would hide when he came. Tom's sister has 2 dogs and 4 cats!!! Four litter boxes to clean every night!!!! Poor Tom!!! GOOD TOM!!!!


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