Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Beginning To Look Like A Catty Christmas

I think all of my fans already know that my name is Buster and that I live with an older annoying brother named Henry, right?

And I think we all know that he showed off his newest Christmas bow tie the other day?

Well, Henry bragged that 28 (grrrr!) of his blogger buddies loved his bow tie and that's nice and all but I think my Santa hat/necktie is way better and I can tell you why:

1)My outfit is 100% recycled.  

2) My hat/necktie ensemble was an attic find and you'll never guess how much I had to pay for it. Absolutely nothing! That's right, fellow felines, I know how to shop and I think I did a mighty fine job at it, don't you agree?

Now that you've seen the evidence it's time that you cast your vote....which Christmas outfit would you give two paws up to? Mine, of course, right?


  1. I have to admit that it looks great and I love the price!

  2. You got the Price right.. butt I could never pick one kitty over the other. I'm just sayin'.

  3. I agree with Frankie (who BTW has a great name!)

    I would never pick one kitty over another...especially brothers!

  4. Oh beautiful Buster!! You are adorable!! Me and Charlie absolutely adore your outfit - it's so chrismassy and such fun!!

    Oh lovely Henry is equally as gorgeous!! We can't choose cos you're both utterly stunning!! Take care

  5. You guys both look great! Why do sibling always have to compete? Give your poor mom a break and don't fight.... know you both are amazing looking cats!

  6. It is really hard for me to decide who looks the best or who the most handsome and cutest is! I like both of you and I think two of you are as wonderful as each other. Why don't you both stop
    squabbling and your mom will be happier so she will get more treats and stuffs for you two!

  7. Well, I think you both are dashing and debonaire and depending upon the 'dress' for the party you are attending you are both quite suitable!

  8. You're looking great in your outfit!

    Thor x

  9. We love both outfits! Yours is extremely unique though.

  10. So cute!!! best gift for Christmas...I want to receive a gift like that...they will surely make my Christmas the best ever!!!

    dog pens

  11.'s a cute gift and the other has a cute, absolutely, hands-down, the winner is...BOTH! Buster and Henry equals double the Christmas spirit! (You didn't really think we could possibly choose one cutie over the other? That would be impossible!)


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