Monday, November 29, 2010

4 Garden Signs 4 Sale 2 Help A Dog Named Blueberry

Would you believe that I am so addicted to blogging that I am often mistaking neighborhood dogs for Blogville dogs? It's true! For example, take a look at this garden sign that I am putting up on the auction "block" in order to help Blueberry get the surgery she desperately needs. Doesn't this lab look like "R" from Romping and Rolling in the Rockies? Uncanny resemblance, I'd say!

And when I carried this sign down from the attic I couldn't help but call her Puddles and Puddle Duddles and Preacher Puddles as I had "her" pose for the camera!

And of course the one and only Penny was thought of immediately when I snapped "her" photo today (and of course I thought of her sister, Ruby, and their hubby, Frankie, during the photo shoot)!

And last but not least, the fawn pug garden sign reminded me of a number of puggie pals and the first ones to come to mind were Josie Posie, Pugs Possessed, The Daily Puglet! Doesn't this painting look exactly like every fawn pug you've ever met? My garden sign friend, Sandy Holden, sure does know how to capture the pawsonalities of every dog with the stroke of a single paintbrush, don't you agree?

If you would like to have one of these garden signs for your yard please visit or visit the hosts of the auction, JD and Max, for more information.


  1. What great items fur the aukhtion!

    How furry khool!


  2. Those are so cool! Any Aussie?

  3. OMD OMD... Are you SERIOUS??? Are you really gonna put up one of these WONDERFUL signs for the AUCTION???? THAT is just FANTASTIC... Everybuddy is gonna want that one!!!
    You are SOOOOOOOO kind and generous.
    I'll bet it brings in 87 green papers. I'm just sayin.

  4. Those are SO cute! Oh my! I immediately saw Puddles when I saw the first doxie, too! Thank you so very much for donating them to the auction!

  5. That's pretty funny! I do the same thing when I run into neighborhood dogs that look like blogville friends.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. It's so funny but sweet that our blogville friends are always in our mind nowadays! I'm so glad I've come to this beautiful blogging world.

  7. What beautiful Welcome signs! Our friend, Putter gave us one for Christmas and it's by the same artist. She does wonderful work!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. WOW!! These are amazing welcome signs! How lovely!!!! What a fab artist Sandy Holden is!! Wonderful!!!!

    Thanks for the links!! Thank you! Take care

  9. These are beautiful. Did you make them yourself? I am in awe of your talent.

  10. These are so adorable. I may just have to get one - or I guess I'd have to get 2 since I can't show favoritism for 1 pup over the other, and then there's the cats - this could get expensive

  11. Wow, these are wonderful. Here all the garden signs with dogs on them are "beware! bad dog"... It's nice to see a change of perspective. I'd put up one just like that if I had a garden...

  12. What wonderful signs! I love them!!!

  13. First of all, I did not paint these signs; a friend of mine paints them and she has an Etsy store (link below) and I think she is super talented, don't you agree?

    You've all heard the saying, "Everything happens for a reason", right? Well, these 4 garden signs have been cooped up in my attic for months and I wondered when they'd ever find a home and *voila* I found a way to send them off to someone's garden via Blueberry's auction! I am so glad you like these signs!

    I have 2 more upstairs and they are of 2 white standard poodles but I don't know anyone who has a white standard poodle, do you?
    Did you know that Frankie Furter won his very own Sandy Holden garden sign when I hosted a Personalized Pet Portrait Contest back in October? It's true...and he converted the sign into a door sign and it looks very snazzy! Here's the link to Sandy Holden's shop if you are interested ---
    Thanks for all of the kind comments!


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