Saturday, April 10, 2010

What is Your Feline-ality?

Thinking about adopting a cat but don't know which cat is right for you? The ASPCA can help you decide through The Meet Your Match™ Feline-ality™ program. After completing a simple survey you will know whether you should adopt a cat in the purple (shy and reserved), orange (sometimes shy/sometimes reserved),or the green (outgoing, needs exercise) category.

Here are some of "our" cats who met their purrfect match with the help of this clever program:

Private Investigator

Amanda works undercover to keep an eye on her pet sitters. She hears our footsteps when we unlock her door and then searches for a place to hide and sometimes it takes a half-hour to find her! She is the purrfect private investigator! I bet she could work for the C.I.A. if they'd hire her!

Secret Admirer

When it comes to relationships, Babe prefers to observe her pet sitters for awhile before she showers them with affection. She needs a little time to get used to us and when she finally gives her paw of approval she purrs, head-butts, and allows us to brush her silky fur. She's a wise old soul!

Love Bug

Geiger's greatest joy is to be with humans, that's for sure! From the moment we walk into his house he's ready for action! He wants us to dangle his feather toy high above him so he can swat it constantly, he wants to be petted, and he wants to follow us while we prepare his meals. We love spending time with Geiger and hate it when we have to leave!

The Executive

Chipper is a Bengal cat who is quite different from his sister, Babe, that's for sure! He has to check out what's happening out the window. Next, he'll see if any closets or cupboards need looking into. He loves climbing on top of doorways, windows, and on top of the refrigerator to get a good view of everything around him. Instead of meowing, Chipper 'chirps' and can yell at a volume you wouldn't have thought possible from something so small! Chipper is extremely vocal and often holds 'conversations' with his pet sitters.
Like all sidekicks, Abigail is just plain good company! Unlike her sister, Amanda,  Abigail is ready for attention and she shows that by greeting us at the door at every single visit. She stands on a stool to watch us prepare her Fancy Feast meal and she monitors us when we fill her bowl with dry food. She wants to make sure we know what we are doing and she does a good job of it. I wonder if her fancy "Lion Cut" hairstyle gives her the confidence to be such a social cat? You know what they say....when you look good, you feel good!

Personal Assistant

If Rocky were human he would be hired to work with us because he is always ready to help us with our tasks. He follows us to the litter box area and helps us carry the litter to the garage, he helps us write in his visit log notebook, he helps us pour food in his bowl, etc. And after all of the work is done, Rocky knows how to relax with us. His favorite relaxation activity? Helping us read one of his Dad's Sports Illustrated magazines by plopping right down in the middle of our favorite articles!  Yup, he loves holding the pages down for us! Rocky is the ultimate Personal Assistant!


Nermal is a savvy cat who doesn't mind entertaining herself, but when her pet sitters arrive she is ready to play or sit on the couch beside us. She's a bit unpredictable though; one minute she will stare lovingly into our eyes as we pet her and the next minute her paw will graze across our face! Unpredictable and cute...that's what we like!

Party Animal
Papi is a cat who loves to PARTY! He is a lucky cat who gets to go in and out of his house as he pleases. He is a dog in a cat's body and if he had his choice he'd be a dog just like his golden retriever siblings, Molly and Cooper, but he makes up for it by following them when we head out for our mid-morning walks. Somehow he can detect the sound of our cars as we approach his driveway and then greets us on his front steps nearly everyday. He is an amazing cat and we enjoy him immensely.

Leader of the Band
Ziggy was a cat who did everything in a unique way. For example, he didn't drink from a ceramic bowl like every other cat; instead he preferred to drink from the garden hose, the bathtub, and a large red Dixie cup. During our visits, Ziggy was in charge. If he wanted to be indoors, he would meow until we figured out that he wanted to be brushed and when he got tired of that he would ask to go outdoors so he could watch the squirrels or bathe in the sun. Ziggy was a dear friend who passed away last June and we miss him dearly.  

I hope this information comes to mind when  you visit your nearest shelter or breeder so that you are sure to adopt your perfect match! 


  1. HI, and welcome to my blog and thanks for becoming a follower. I will push your follow button before I leave.
    Your are in a wonderful position to be writing an animal blog. You have a chance to meet and interact with so many animals!!!!!
    You have a hard job but a great one at the same time!!!!!!!
    I will enjoy your friendship very much!!
    Hugs, Fern

  2. They're all beautiful cats. It's amazing how they all have such different personalities, just like people.
    I used to have a Bengal cat like Chipper.

  3. Woof! Woof! Interesting cat survey ... my mom will pass it to her cat lover friends. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. What a great "match-making" approach to find the purrfect furry friend! We love reading about each cat's personality and distinct traits. Rocky always loves to see himself so thanks for posting him! Each little spirit has a different way to warm your heart!

  5. I've think I've mentioned before that cats were always my "first love." They really are so different from one another with their own personalities--Ours included--We found CC in the parking lot at a WalMart 8 years ago, or did she find us? :-))
    THANKS for the good wishes for our boy Hamlet!! They are needed and appreciated--I continue to worry about him...

  6. Thanks for sharing about the survey. It is important to know who is perfect for each one!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. they are awfully cute lady but no kittyy cat is living here. We do not share our toys. Thank you
    Benny & Lily

  8. Those are all such cute kitties!
    You should check out lots and lots of kitties there!

  9. Oh I think that is so neat that you are a pet sitter. Me and my husband have been talking about doing that when he retires..but needless to say we have no idea where to start. If you have any tips send them my way.

    I enjoyed meeting your kitties that you sit for. We love all Cats.

    Paws & Whiskers,
    Jude,Poo,Babybella,Piper & Marley

  10. Good Morning, I am soooo glad that you came to visit my blog. I have put you into my followers thingy. Hey, guess what... my mom used to be one of those teacher thingys too. Butt, I missed her so much when she went there that she finally said.. "I BEtired of leaving Frankie" so now she just stays home with me and we boss my dad around all day. What did you teach??? Did you BE Tired of it too???
    Have you met my wimmen??? They are the mostest beautiful ever. Ruby and Penny We are encaged to get MARRIED!!


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