Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kenny, the Wonder Dog/Cat

You would think that cat sitting is a terribly boring job especially if the cat does not want to socialize with strangers, but when I met twelve year old Kenny, our newest client, I knew he turned out to be one of the most entertaining cats I've ever met. 

Kenny loves to run after toys, catch them in mid-air, and then drop them at my feet so that we can continue the game again and again. Because of his athletic abilities, I have to wonder if Kenny is a dog trapped inside a cat's body!


  1. Kenny is so beautiful. You must have a lot of fun with him. Andie

  2. Hello Andie,
    Yes, Kenny is beautiful and he must know it because he didn't mind posing for a picture. One of the most memorable visits was when I ruined a tranquil morning by accidently dropping his water bowl on the kitchen floor rousing Kenny from his resting spot to punish me by hissing and then he whacked my feet a few times. I got the message loud and clear: don't mess with Kenny's water bowl!

  3. Hi Miss April..
    Thank you for posting my picture and taking care of me! I'm sorry I whacked your feet and hissed at you...but I know what a neat freak my Mom is and I was just protecting her floors! I can be very moody at times, but I'll come around quickly if you throw my bread ties and mice! I'm an old softie when it comes to someone who will play toys with me!
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
    Kenny :)

  4. Dear Kenny....How could I not give you the distinction of being the first cat to grace the pages of my blog? You had everything I needed to impress my audience! Who wouldn't be entertained by a handsome cat who has a flair for drama, anyway?
    I appreciate your apology for hissing and whacking my poor little feet but you were put in charge of the house when your Mom was away and I think you did a good job at protecting that floor!
    Can't wait to see you again!


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