Thursday, December 6, 2018

Looking Back on When Iggy Couldn't Wreath Well Enough Alone!

This is an old post from two years ago that needed to be shared again because it was one of the funniest holiday memories of dear Iggy who has since passed away. How I miss this silly fella! I hope you enjoy reading this! 
Hello everyone! It's Iggy again! Remember me? Of course you do! I'm the one who does all sorts of silly things just so I can get bragged about on that thing you people call "the computer"! See, every time I do something that makes April (that's my pet sitter) laugh she sends a picture to my mom and as soon as she says something like, "Oh, my goodness!" or "How did he do that?" that's the moment I know I'm about to appear on something called a Facebook page and blog where thousands of fans will love me! I am already f-a-m-o-u-s in Dover because I strut all the way to the grocery store or to the high school a zillion times a week BUT soon I will be famous around the world! I mean, who wouldn't love a handsome, funny, and athletic bully with drool going on 24/7 anyway? 

 So now that the introductions have been made let's get you up to speed on what I did last week, shall we? 

Okay, so I had all weekend to think of something festive to surprise my pet sitter with so while I stared and barked at her from the yard I asked if she noticed anything different about me and she said, "No, Iggy, you are just being silly."
"No? Well, can you see anything different now that my hiney is facing you?" I said. And that, my friends, was when April shrieked and said she'd never met a dog who could turn a cinnamon bun tail into a Christmas wreath before! She loved my creative wreath so much that she took so many pictures of it that she lost count! After awhile the leaves were making me itchy 
so she took the branches out one-by-one followed by a close-up shot! Isn't my wreath beautiful? 

When she held the final branch in the air she laughingly asked, "Arty (he's the one up front to my right) and Lemmy, you probably never get bored with a brother like Iggy, do you?" and they agreed that they sometimes wish they could have a break from all of the silliness but they wouldn't trade me for the world! Woof! Woof!

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