Friday, September 1, 2017

18 Signs of Animal Cruelty and Neglect

Before I became a professional pet sitter I was convinced that animal cruelty was only defined by what I saw in the news: emaciated pets, dogs who were chained outdoors without food or water, hoarding, dog fight victims, and dogs who unnecessarily killed because they weren't behaving according to the wishes of their owners but over the years I've become educated on subtle signs of abuse such as neglecting to provide medical treatment for skin infections, fleas, or ticks or to leave pets confined in enclosed areas for great lengths of time or locked in cars on extremely hot or cold days, etc, so I thought it necessary to educate my readers that abuse comes in many forms. To save animals from further harm or even death please print these 18 signs of animal cruelty and neglect and keep it somewhere handy so that you can refer to it if you need a point of reference:


1) Offensive odors coming from a home or yard, such as the constant smell of ammonia or feces 

2) Animals are not given basic care and protection, such as shelter, food, water, humane care and medical treatment as required by law 

3) Animals are infested with fleas, ticks or parasites 

4) Animals are injured and show no sign of medical treatment 

5) Animals have open wounds or sores 

6)Animals show hair loss, lesions, scabs or other skin conditions that have not been treated 

7) Animals have been tied up with or without access to fresh water or food 

8) Animals are kept confined inside a car, garage, basement, attic or other enclosed area during extremely hot or cold weather 

9)Animals are emaciated and shows signs of malnutrition 

10) Animals are hostile, aggressive, ill, distressed or exhibit other signs of inadequate socialization 

11) Animals are kept in overcrowded, deteriorated or unsanitary conditions 

12) Animals are kept inside cages or kennels that are too small and are rarely let out 

13)Individuals are seen striking or causing physical harm to an animal 

14)Individuals are seen abandoning an animal

15)Individual has a large number of animals in his/her care and may not even know the total number when questioned 

16)Injuries on an animal’s body show sign of infection or disease, including maggots or fleas

17) Death of one or more animals under suspicious conditions 

18) Collar has become embedded into the skin of an animal

You have to be the eyes and ears for the animals you encounter to ensure that if there is any abuse it can be stopped in time before serious injury or death occurs.

To report animal cruelty, notify local law enforcement, your state’s local humane society, or animal shelter organizations immediately. Be prepared to provide them with dates, locations, and specific instances of abuse/neglect so that the animals in danger can be rescued immediately.
Remember, pets have no voice to cry out for help! They aren’t able to alert authorities to abuse and they can’t quietly discuss their pain and injuries with a veterinarian so please speak out for these defenseless creatures so that they can live without pain and fear.


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